Appliance Parts Today in Valrico Celebrates Record High Sales

To save money savvy homeowners can fix their own appliances when they know where to get the parts


Savvy DIY homeowners in Florida are saving money by repairing their own appliances rather than calling a service technician. Many have expressed their appreciation for the local appliance parts store that specializes in helping homeowners.

Since opening in 2003, Appliance Parts Today celebrates record sales and business growth. Their friendly staff is happy to take calls from homeowners who are looking for replacement parts and technical advice for repairing their own appliances. Find more information at

Customers post positive reviews about their experience with Appliance Parts Today. Here is one example:

“Great place they had my part in stock, samsung dryer heating element, Friendly, price was on par, cheapest I found online was 60 + shipping and they were 83. Bring the old part in because they might be able to match it up to something.”

The Valrico Appliance Parts Store carries Appliance Parts and accessories for all major home appliances and air conditioning units. They carry a large selection of parts in-stock for customers to pick up and if they do not have the part, they can get it within a few days. Their English and Spanish speaking representatives offer free technical advice and there is no freight charge if the customer picks up the part at the store.

Consumers are encouraged to visit Appliance Parts Today for superior customer service and technical advice from a friendly, professional staff. Visit to learn more.

About Appliance Parts Today:
Appliance Parts Today opened in March of 2003 to provide area residents and local service technicians a large line of replacement parts for home appliances and air conditioning units. Customers can call the store to place their order and normally pick up their appliance parts the same day. Appliance Parts Today also carries a full line of Goodman air conditioning parts. The company is happy to serve do-it-yourself homeowners, providing technical advice when needed.

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